I am an Ojibway Indian and I too respect mother earth but you how are you going to save mother earth

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    Would you please tell us about your tribe? How do you feel the American Indians are treated in this country?

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    I try to do my bit..... I re-cycle , i don't waste water , i put rubbish in the bin , turn lights off when not in use.Every little bit counts.


    Thats a LONG SHOT!.re-cycle your water ( urine I never tried that Hee like your answer.
    Long Shot

    I'm intrested in your pespective email me at and we could continue the discourse on the matter of exsistence rather than nonexsistence

    Existence rather than non-existence meaning??

    "Does he mean "Cuckoo" land!!

    Mother Earth has always managed to look after herself,consider all the different stages this planet has gone through.

    I,m sure we will go through another extreme change.

    I do my bit but I don,t think it will make a blind bit of a difference.

    What will come will come, even if Al Gore may tell it differently.

    Long Shot

    I believe too many people are on the wrong track about mother earth but we should consider ourselves and change ourselves becauyse the world is not part of who we are who we are is a result of the gifts that we have regardless your orientation

    Orientation meaning???

    "He is a "WINE "O" Pal.his head spinning!!

    Mother Earth will be here when Mankind is long gone.

    Long Shot

    human kind is never far from extinction that is true. Only those who have the ability to change into the plans of the Creator I guess will pull through. My plan is to continue far beyond the ideas of the common person.

    Creator meaning???

    "NEW Buyer for RANGERS!!

    When polluted lakes, rivers and streams are given a chance, they will cleanse themselfes. Mother earth is convulsing.Through mans brutal subjugation of Nature and her life forms the world is on the brink of destruction, the magnitute of which has never been seen before.

    Dangers to the health of the  planet, plants, animals and people are all around us.. Mother earth will wipe the slate clean of all life and man will be helpless to prevent it.

    Long Shot

    Hey smarten up are you that duntz that you think I 'm responsible for youir bellyaching about the earth. Quit eating your beef burgers why don't you and quit drinking your milok and so on

    No one said that you are responsible for anything. By the way, I dont eat beefburger, only once in a great while
    Its greed that has depleted our earth resources.

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