If all Americans are not entitled to healthcare, why should any level of govenment pay for or contribute to healthcare for its employees with tax payer money?

    Why should the American tax payer pay for healthcare of any level of government employee, when that is not afforded those paying the taxes? I don't recall anyone ever having asked this question in a public forum. But, it does tend to make you wonder why, as it amounts to creating a different class of people with different entitlements, by virtue of their employment with different levels of government. Is it fair to deny the masses, while making them pay or contribute to the healthcare of government employees?

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    Government employees have become a big burden to the taxpayers, especially in this administration who added more people, than any president in history. However theire entitelments are not entirely free (like healthcare and pensions) They have to pay a certain percentage each month for those entitlements and the rest is paid by the taxpayers Public employees(people employed by each state, many earn more money than the president, theire wages have skyrocket and most dont pay for healthcare  or pension plans (Cadilac Plan) That is why all of our states are experiencing money problems and we, the taxpayer. have to pay for it all. Some collect pensions from 50-60 000 Dollars and free healthcare to boot. No wonder we are broke.



    I have always thought that an individual should be able to choose where at least 50% of their taxes go...for example, alot of my $ would go to National Parks and the National Zoo.....other people might send their 1/2 to the military etc.

    It would be interesting to see how it would all turn out.

    The other 1/2 would be the gov't decision.

    Employee is a person who is hired to provide services to a company on a regular basis in exchange for compensation and who does not provide these services as part of an independent business.
    However, I would be in favor of cutting government and perhaps cutting healthcare would do that.


    I am aware of the role of an employee, and government contractors firsthand. But, are you aware that in many instances government doesn't want to pay the cost of companies bidding on contracts, that include the cost of offering its employees healthcare? These tactics even go so far as to wording Prevailing Wage Guidelines to excempt sub-contractors from having to pay truck drivers a prevailing wage rate of pay in something as simple as hauling the asphalt for paving a state road. There is no equilibrium there at all. I also personally know of someone who contracts with the state, who was told she had to exclude offering her employees healthcare, as the state was not willing to pay the bid with that included in it. There is not always a fair or even playing field with employment between government and private industry. Many people are not even aware of the disparity that exists there.

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