is it normal for a man to treat you like he just dont care,he rather hang with friend mean more.

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    No it is not normal it is selfish on his part, don't sit back and let him treat you like this.To me it sounds like he is using you and he will probably never change,next you will hear that he is cheating on you, do yourself a favour and do away with him now before you get hurt any further.

    If it bothers you that much then you schould talk with your boyfriend about how you feel. and take it from there. Either stay in the relationship or move on.

    No it is certainly not normal, if he genuinely cares and  professes to love you, it is you he should wish to while the hours away with, not his mates, I think I would be keeping him at a friendly distance and finding someone that truly wishes to spend time with you, I would not be happy in the back seat

    That would probably depend on the nature of your relationship. Does he see it as you apparently do?

    you need to ask him what is going on.You are important, too.

    I don't think its normal.If you love each other u would want to spend time together.Some time apart is Good but not all the time.Talk to him tell him  how u feel.Good luck!!!!!!!

    Psychology defines normal as being free from any mental disorder; sane. It is also defined as conforming to a type, standard, or a regular pattern. If everyone is unique, is anyone really normal?

    Life is what you make it. Go out and enjoy it, seems like he is.

    He is tooo immature and selfish, toss him back into the sea!

    I suppose we would expect the man we are married to, or in a relationship with, to want to spend time with us and to be considerate of our feelings and needs.
    That would be "normal".
    What you are describing is also "normal" a relationship where one of them has "lost that loving feeling. Oh, that loving feeling. You've lost that loving feeling, now it's gone, gone, gone."

    ....and you should move on   whoe ooo   oh oh. 


    Who sang that song? I remember the words and tune of it, but I can't remember who sang it. You are funny Bob, I can envision you sitting there singing that as you type!

    The Righteous Brothers

    Yep. Bobby Hatfield (rest in peace)and Bill Medley

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