Should all Americans have the right to health care?

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    Once its a right, health insurance companies here will be gone with the wind. How many jobs will be lost? vs How much will it cost the taxpayers? Can the government do this better than the insurance companies do already?…at what price? If we allow anyone to practice medicine wouldn’t that create more jobs, reduce the need for medical insurance and give a lot’a quacks a way to hng a shingle by their doors…”teeth pulled here” or Phil~an OBGYN first look opinion First visit FREE.
    Then too there is medicine….if you want to cut the cost on health care cost open the field to medication producers globally.

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    Don't know enough about Obama care, who does? No one should die because they can't afford a doctor or medicine. I don't know what the answer is honestly.

    In the UK we pay what we call National Insurance from our weekly or monthly income, every individual who is born here is assigned a personal NI number from birth, even when unemployed we must pay a percentage towards NI.

    This enables us to have our National Health System envied by many civilised countries, while it,s not perfect it is a very good system and we should never have to pay directly for our healthcare.

    No one in the UK, including visitors to this country ever dies because they cannot afford it


    Its the same in all other countries, except the US. Many people here lose theire homes because they cant afford to pay, when they have a severe illness. People who lost theire jobs and are out of work for a long time have no form of heath insurance. Imagine the stress and dispair for those people!

    I can only imagine Ann.
    Even if an American were to take ill in the UK they would receive free health care.

    Romos is right. I was ill in the UK. I received free health care and paid very little for medication.
    By the way..any news yet?

    I,m sure if you,d been in the USA at the time you had the varicose vein trouble you,d still be paying the bill, one bad experience in one hospital does not mean it happens throughout the system, we here in Scotland have our own standard of health care quite separate from the rest of the UK,we pay higher NI for a higher standard of care,and NO the money doesn,t come from Westminster SE England, we have our own Scottish Health Service, and although it is not perfect it,s still one of the best.
    By the way,
    our buses are very clean too, there,s been a few births in Scottish buses

    Ann, You're right.....the gov and large corporations are in bed together. A good example is the FDA and big Pharma

    Romos, the NHS is largely funded from the tax on tobacco rather than NI contributions which are to pay the State Retirement Pension.
    BTW, your buses may be clean, but I am sure your trams are cleaner.

    I agree with Romos, our system in the UK has it's problems but you wouldn't die hear because you have no money, you might die because someone has not done their job properly thats happend a few times. I have had some good and bad experences hear but on the whole health care is a good system.


    Yes but aren’t governments just a Ponzi scheme scheme of kind or another fueled by borrowing or growth.

    No it,s nothing like a Ponzi scheme.
    National Insurance is just another form of tax.
    I for one owe my life to our National Health Service,3 times in fact.
    I think if I was American I certainly wouldn,t be writing this today given my finances at the times of my ill health were actually sicker than me

    Yes thats true Romos They saved my life about 12 years ago, must say when it's an emergency they can't be faulted. but I do think the system needs a good sort out.

    Yes thats true Romos They saved my life about 12 years ago, must say when it's an emergency they can't be faulted. but I do think the system needs a good sort out.

    Different Governments treat the NHS differently.
    Tories would privatise it in a blink of an eye if they could get away with it.
    THAT is where the problem lies.

    Every citizen of every country should receive health care.

    I am astounded that a country like the US does not have this as a right not a privilege.

    Why did you let this happen?

    Any government that tried this in Australia would be out on their ear.


    Spot on coz.

    Health insurance companies are very powerful in the US and many polititians are in theire pockets. Why this has been going on for so long is a good question.

    Absolutely but at what price ?

    ed shank

    Daren, ed1530, You both have a valid question that some day someone, may be able to come up with a viable answer that we all can live with.

    Its a moral issue. It is a basic right in all industrialized nations except in US. US. so far treats healthcare as a privilege, only available to those who can afford it

    Yes, all Americans schould have healthcare and no one schould die becauce of lack of healthcare.


    That's true, Ann, but it won't work, b/c the U.S. is tttooo big. And they already have free clinics paid for by our tax $ $

    Mc. With the rising costs of Health insurance companies many Employers will no longer offer health insurance and only wealthy people will be able to afford those high premiums. Than our country will go down the tubes for sure.

    A 'right' to services without charge, that forces someone else to provide Who? 


    The idea is that everyone pays when they are working so that they get treatment free when they are ill and can't work.It's one of the very few good things that a Labour Government has ever done in the UK.

    You and I

    What magic wand was used to tell the government that the money that was put into healthcare has to stay and be used for healthcare? They will do as they have done with everything else and throw worthless IOU’s in it then cry how the program is going bankrupt.

    YES .You cant put a price on Health .Thats why people became "Doctors Nurses to "Save life!! Not charge for there services "Health should be "FREE!! How could any Country denies a sick person.I do not understand the USA Who think of everything else did not think of "FREE" Health? 


    Nuthins ever "FREE" dowsa, but there are ways to provide efficient health care if the circumstances are right.

    Someday maybe something can be worked out. I have heard of a person dying from an infected tooth. Antibiotics are cheap compared to other drugs.

    No.   I am sure there'd be a lot of abuse.  For example, drug addicts would purposely have the ambulance take them to the emergency and get the oxycodone or whatever drugs they're addicted to, as often as days apart.   Should all Americans have healthcare?  For most, Yes.  Are they all entitled to it?  NO.

    I know all red, white and blue Americans believe we must sacrifice something of the luxury of our opulent lifestyle in some noble, self-serving way that reflects on both our love for human rights and our willingness to sacrifice…something. So…..what can we do but deny anyone in the USA any health care and use the money we have saved here at home to spread medication throughout the world. After all, there are more people outside the US than here and if our poor , in need of medical care, can go somewhere else in the world where we are spreading money already for health care. This will also stop all Mexicans at the border who are seeking to be served here and encourage our retired and disabled people to accept those benefits in South America or Greece where they should be already. We can’t afford any more money sucking lamb ducks to dull our day. It’s that or just another human tragedy for the GOP Stopper.

    Where is it in the constitution or anywhere that the government or anybody else for that is to give you health care. You are entitled if you purchase it .I chose to work for the State of Texas. I worked twenty years there. I now have free health care for rest of my retired life with a pension. People complain about health care and cant afford it. Well the prison system has hundreds and hundreds of immediate openings with good pay and benefits. So its there if anybody wants it. Then there are the people that think they are entitled without working for it.


    Right on! I read many say that in the UK nobody dies because that can't afford health care, this is no different here in the USA even before Obamacare. I don't like the talk of 'entitled'.. If you worked your life and you paid into it then you are entitled, if you are a constant whiner that doesn't work and would rather stand on a corner and pout then you do not deserve anything in my opinion. The real gain of our 200+ year old system is that everyone has a chance for the big dream, you work hard enough, success will come your way, you sit on your ass, nothing comes your way. This is the american way as it shoud be and as it had been for 200+ years, lets not fk with it.. The only people that say 'it doesn't work are the lazy bastards that want entitlements.. For what??? why?? Lazy bastards need to get a job, work for a company that pays your healthcare (out of your wages) or pay for it yourself, why do i have to pay for me and my family and these a-wholes too??

    And all the inmates and the guatomeno (sp)detainees get free health care

    If they can't go broke on their own, health insurance will suck the life outa them. I just got notice that my premiums are going up nearly  15%, and so has my deductible. I'm sure my RXs will go up.  Oddly enough, my income NOT has increased to cover the additional 15%.  I'm planning to contact the Insurance Commisioner for the State of California and voice concern over this kind of crap.


    Aman Bob. We have got so many crooked people getting money from health care, making it hard to get an honest and fair system for the people who need affordable health care.

    In a word YES.


    Lucky us eh??

    yeah sure thing ROMOS - but things ain't what they used to be - I am sure you realize this.

    Government does not generate money, government spends money. Government needs to get smaller. The smaller government (at all levels) should stop new and eliminate current legislation that make dificult the entrepeneurs efforts to create new and operate existing bussiness. This will result in  employment  increase and health care that historically comes with employment. For this to happen we need to start voting  and  voting with our brains rather than our feet.

    Everybody should have some kind of health and dental care.  More people are walking around with three teeth than you would believe.

    theoretically,  yes, but the U.S. is ssooo won't work. Ya gotta remember that those countries in Europe that have national health care are only as big as one of our medium sized states. And there are so many people in our country that don't pay taxes, that they would get it for free, which they already do, and the rest of us would see our taxes go sky high---to pay for it.

    Just  think  what shape  everyone will be in if the Republicians had their way.   


    MUCH better. With all the giveaways the Dems have, the costs go up to cover the giveaways. It would take time to level out, but NOTHING has improved since 1/20/09

    Can anybody explain why we really need health insurance companies.  I would love to be able to pay the hospital for my health care. Doctors work through them anyway. Think of the money they would make. Be able to control costs.  There is no real reason for the existence of health insurance companies other than to limit your care and take your money.


    It is like eliminating the middleman. Our Insurance premiums would be almost cut in half.

    Insurance companies made 9.3 billion in profits in the first 9 month of 2010 up 41% over same period in 2009.

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