I am 38 years old have always had a great body without exercise. Double d breasts, small flat waist, and curvy hips. A year ago I had a child and all hell broke loose with my body I lost almost all my breasts and am down to 109 pounds when i want to weight at least 125. My skin is stretched and wrinkly on my breasts and stomach. The strange thing is I only gained 14 pounds with my pregnancy and left the hospital smaller than I was before i got pregnant. Somebody please help me I really want to

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    Go see a doctor. Your thyroid could be out of whack. 

    It really sounds as though you should see a doctor regarding this.

    You really need to see a dr.

    Endocrine system problems.  Hormones?   A body goes through a tremendous change during gestation and childbirth.

    14 lbs? That's it? a placenta and amniotic fluid can account for up to the baby's water weight you were wonder you lost weight.  Breast feeding can temp. make your breasts seem smaller.  See a doctor.  Now.

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