what is love

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    Love is letting someone be who they need to be without expecting anything in return for the love you give them. Love is not controlling and does not come with a contract.  Love is loving someone even if they need to go a different way than you.  Love is something you mature into and this can take a lifetime. 


    Wow...VERY impressive answer! :)

    A very "Splendour Thing"

    Excellent answer!

    Difficult to state in words but.... what love isn't?   Lust!  Don't confuse the two.

    (Colleen gave a good answer.)

    These are all lovely answers.  Love also includes people that you do not know. Showing love and concern to those who are poor, respecting those of other cultures and religions, and wnating cooperation and Peace instead of blood-shed.

    Love is beautiful!


    "IT is ????? IT is ???? ( "Who said So.YES dear !!)

    It is and it is the opposite of hate. Both may an incredible number of objects :)

    My definition of love would be taken the time to listen to someone even when he or she could be annoying at  time,giving yourself service or a hand out to a needy person, giving someone a smile or a word of encouragement when there feeling depress,or to go out of way to help another, and to learn how too share their trouble without caring a grudge,To be polite and not rude to your elder, Always try to make someone edified ,without being sarcastic, and on special occasion find something they would like as gift that would remind them there important as everyone else.Don't be shy to let them know that you care and love them with a Big Hug ... or a hand shake.Your day might come that a good friend can be there in time of need.LOVE.

    One description from a list of perhaps 1,000,000 : 

    To give to  others and to receive from others without self interest motovation

    The heart of Sister Teresa



    Love is watching baby animals play.


    Love is the greatest emotion a human can give or receive.


    VERY TRUE :)

    Love is a gift.  Read this in  a book - cant remeber the author, but the book is called "Enemy Mine", and it is Sc--Fi. It was also made into a film, not very good thou.   Basically  love is a gift, - think of the gifts you have given, out of duty, or love, even reluctantly,  then think of the gifts you have recieved, the ones you were expecting,  the lovely ones that come as a complete suprise,  the rather alarming ones!  & not just the gift wrapped ones - a kind word, a helping hand, both giving and recieving.  Not forgetting the unpleasant ones too.  I"ve thought about this authours description of love often, and still to this day find it profound.



    Are you from what used to be Dacia?

    valR, lovely question, i hope so.

    Were love expressed as grains of sand, my love for you would be a beach at sunset reflecting sky and sea. Within that sea a thousands ships would bring to you a treasury of my love and within that sea a million isles, each like Paradise, would await your visit there. Were love expressed as grains of sand. 


    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)

    Love is Christ, he died for us......


    Sacrifice is what He was teaching not to do.
    Headless Man

    Sacrifice for others.......

    Love Love Love & Love. This is a strange question and answered has been traced from Long decade but not perfect answer has been seen till now.  Love is heart, Love is hearbeat. Love is stimulation. Love is Nerve system. Since a one nerve system is disorder, our body function affects.



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