lol this is funny, but i had family account set up and my husband has viewed this website 690 times and never once when i am around

    My husband has cheated on me and i am questioning that he has been on this website 690 times it says i was wondering how i could find the questions he has been asking. thank you so much

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    Cheating on you and being on this website are two different things. Being on this website has nothing to do with cheating.......... Now, many first time questioners here don't know what this site is......... Is that possibly your case?

    This is innocent family web site that deals with questions.

    No you thought your husband had cheated on you, he is a contributor to this interesting and informative website, perhaps now you can too

    Cheating on this website would be the equalivent  of giving out speeding tickets at the Indy 500!!

    It seems you are attempting to get some insight into what he is thinking about. Did you actually catch him cheating, or is this something that you have surmised that he is?! You need to really take a moment and examine what you are doing and why you are doing it. It sounds more like you are attempting to build a case for further argument with him.

    This is a family oriented website...its not a swingers club. You really do need to take a look at what you are doing, as it honestly doesn't look like your are seeking this information for any good or meaningful reasons other than to find something you can sling at him to assuage your own feelings of hurt, by lashing out at him. Your LOL doesn't mask much with me, as you sound more like a jealous wife than anything else. The sad part of this is, that people often use the implements born from jealousy, to attempt to control or manipulate someone with a barrage of accusations. Honestly...take a look at what you are doing!

    You would have to know his name on this site..that way you could read his questions, answers, and comments...without it we would have No idea!!!!


    Not me, honest!

    Ok...who have you been cheating with? What are your code words? How in the world did I miss this?

    He is probably trying to get a head start on you with Karma points before he told you about this site, so come on start catching up.

    I don't think your situation is funny one iota.  
    Your husband cheated on you and you are nosing around here wondering if this is part of his infidelity.  NOT funny.  Suspicious, distrustful, and now you are sneaking  about and spying on, not funny. 
    To find out his questions and answers, you go to HIS profile, and click on "questions" or "answers".  
    We aren't in the habit of fostering extra-marital affairs on this website.

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