my 93 year old mother has a place on her foot that is red and calloused over. She has been to many doctors in the last 3 years but they offer no solution. She is not diabetic but she does have poor circulation. I have soaked the foot in epsom salts with warm water. It softened it. I then put neosporin on it even tho there is no infection. Anyone have any answers?

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    Perhaps you could use a pummice stone to remove the hard skin, do not over do it though/

    You might try Manuka honey applied to the area and lightly bandaged. My mother had leg ulcers and it helped her.

    You want to know what will really helps her. Do soak her foot in the epsom salt , then get some hand lotion and give her a really good  both feet massage. If not painful ,she will enjoy that. The feet will get better circulation as a result too. That spot probably will not go away. Massaging stimulates pressure points on the foot that will help her too. My mother is a diabetic,  thats what i do for her twice a week. Really helps the circulation. She looks forward to that.

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