how can you write a book?

    like one of those hard cover ones

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    Knowledge, imagination, talent.

    That,s a start, study hard at school or college and you may find a novel inside you someday.

    The outline is a good start. Sometimes short stories are a good way of getting a feel for it. I also studied the writing styles and methods of writers that I enjoyed reading their work. There are also writing classes and groups that are occasionally helpful.

    You need an outline, for starters, research the topic, know your characters, describe what things look like, don't say, "He brought her flowers!" Say: He brought her roses." The reader has to see what he is reading. Describe smells, like fresh cut lawns, honeysuckles, they reader needs to feel he is there.  Use hearing, touching, taste, smell, and seeing. 

    That's good for starters. Have fun, Practice!


    How's yours going?

    I'm trying to get a computer program to help me edited it, then copyright it, don't know the price of that yet, then send it to an editor, and it will be ready to publish. You have to pay as you go. I know the price of editing it is #3,000. Its 800 pages. They go by the number of pages.Everything is on CD's, for copyright they need a copy of the manuscript. It takes a lot of money and work. Writing the book and the research involved is turning out to be the easy part.
    I have finished my book except for editing.
    I'm hoping to know more soon. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for asking!!!!:)



    So you want to know how to get published? Or how you can create just one hard back book.

    are you writing it on word program? Or a publishing program? This helps.
    You narrate, describe and interact. Each person has their own style of writing.

    put picturs in the book and wright what its about

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