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    Whitney Houston picture secretly  taken in her coffin and sold to the National Enquirer. Seems like some people will sell their soul for the mighty dollar. It either had to be someone at the PRIVATE viewing, or someone who work at the funeral home.

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    I think it was not only greed but an invasion of privacy, rude, highly inconsiderate, and wrong.

    The National Enquirer has proven itself time and time again to be one of the sleaziest tabloids on the market. They have been sued (and have had to pay) repeatedly but it doesn't seem to stop them. I guess that they have lots of money because people buy this trash every week, even knowing that most of it is lies. This proves, once again, that they will stoop to the lowest level in order to make money.  Shame on them!

    Given the reputation of the  Tabloids  nothing they do  surprizes me   its Garbage  at its finest

    Sad but True! They pay big bucks for certain photos.

    I think it's a pretty sleazy way to make a buck, totally distasteful , but sadly enough their is a huge market for this kind of business.

    They are like wolfs encircling theire prey. No decency left when it comes to money,. I never buy National Enquirer or any of these sleezy magazines.

    How low can they get, thats terrible.

    Beyond disgusting but the more disgusting and sad thing is the fact that there are National Enquirer buyers/readers.


    agreed, if there was no demand for these sort of pictures they wouldn't be an one would do it, it's a shame people don't boycott this sort of stuff

    Very disrespectful !


    Yes! That too!

    The only reason stuff like this happens is because the public pays for it.  With our never-ending need to feed on celebrities, they have no privacy, even at their own funerals. 
    This is disgusting with a capital "D". 



    Sorry, see the question again.

    Cant blame Tabloids for it all,  also fault of  the public for buying papers. Papers print what people want to see and read about. Its 50/50.

    You're probably right. Anyway, it's repulsive.

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