how would i know if my dog that got artificially inceminated about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago?

    i just need to know if anything shows up or their tits  do anything ..i just would really love it if someone could answer this sincerely...

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    If you had your dog artificially inseminated, then you went through a vet to have it done. These questions you need to ask the vet. By the way, dogs in the wild having pups never have anyone worrying over their teets, not tits. You should not be worry over you dogs teet's. Take her to a vet and have her checked anytime you have concerns. 

    Could be word on the street is their is a mad vet running lose getting vengence on unspayed dogs..

    I knew my stray cat was pregnant, b/c her teats were elongated.

    If you meant to say, it got bred, and you are wondering how to tell if it is pregnant, wait 63 days and you will see pups.  Or better still, if this was a stressful time for you, not knowing, and worrying about an unwanted pregnancy, GET HER SPAYED!!!


    Bit late now, don't you think?

    Why would you dog get artifically inseminated ? No it was not artifically done. Now maybe your dog had an encounter with a male at that time. No , nothing would probably show up within 2 - 3 weeks.

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