Last time gas was $1.79

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    what is your answer donnie?

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    I think back in 1987 or 88


    That's about dead-on...

    When I drove across country in 1984, freeway gas (hi-test) was 85 cents. Usually freeway gas is higher.

    Same "greedy" people that are in gas business today were in gas business then. What's diferrent?


    not all of the gas stations in the U.S. were owned and operated by arabs then, like they are now. At least here in Mich , they are.

    I remember when gas was .50/gal. when I first started driving. Sure miss those days! I've heard that they eventually want to get to 5.00/gal. They have been conditioning us for some years now. I guess they just don't have enough money in thier pockets yet.


    I can remember .25 a gallon. Hard to believe so many years have gone by at times.

    gas was $1.79  a gallon in 1979...


    Where was that??? Not in the central USA it wasn't.


    Are you certain of that?? 1979 gar was $1.79 in California?? I am in CA now and I can remember not too many years ago paying $1.30 per gal.. This would be maybe early 90's late 80's. As i said above, I drove across country in '84 and freeway gas was 85 cents.. I am certain of this. $1.79 in 1979 could have been a California thing I dunno but that is way out there. i know during the gas crunch back in the early 70's that here in CA there were gas allocations, you could only get gas on certain days -- We didn't have that crunch in Ohio, we were filling up at 40 and 50 cents per gallon.. no waiting.

    Vinny and all, please accept my apology. My recallion was wrong.see my new unswer based on serious research not memory...

    Guys, what are you paying for petrol (gas) now?


    NH., US. $ 3.79

    Thanks ANN, your gas price is stii reasonably cheap compared to just over $6 Gallon here in OZ.

    Lincoln was president the last time it was that low.

    Last time the gasoline price was $1.79/USA gallon was October 2003 in the greater Los Angeles area. Here are the yearly average prices iin dollars n the same area on a selected number of years:

    1978 - 0.69

    2000 - 1.63

    2008 - 3.50

    2009 - 2.68

    2010 - 3.10

    2011 - 3.81

    I graduated in 67 and I never paid more than 30 cents per gal.  Do you remember saying " I take a dollars worth of Eythel "


    I grad in 1967 too. When I was 21 ,I had a Nova, and gas was about 33.9 a gallon. I usually bought about $ 1.00 worth. Cigarettes when I was in H.S. were about 35 c a pack :-\

    Better yet, when was the last time gas was 79 cents.

    Damn,  do I feel old.  Back in 67' there were gas wars and price of gas was below .25 a gal.  I was a mere toddler at the time of course. Also, have lake front property to sell... Yesterday I paid $4.57 a gal. Northern Calif.

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