what happens if we except iran as a nuclear power

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    Nothing if we just keep our nose out of it and stop trying to boss the world. All the hype is just to get people to believe they need to be scare so Obama can now create yet another war and go storming into Iran. This is getting old.

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    That would create a very unstable Middle East, and would be a huge mistake to allow this to happen. It most likely would be the beginning of the end. Russia and China wouldn't like us and Israel to attack their ally, this would have countries taking sides. Then again possibly nothing would happen? But understand this Israel won't stand for a nuclear Iran. Iran would like to wipe Israel off the face of the map, that's no secret.

    Big mistake!

    I don't see it happening the IAEA wouldn't allow at least i would hope...



    I believe you're on the right train of thought with this one. I think it will be the beginning or the end at least...

    Headless Man

    Not Doomsday, only the beginning of eternally.....

    I also think it would be a huge mistake, and probably would be one of the biggest mistakes in history. I wish I could look at it and think otherwise, but that would be trouble waiting to happen.

    I don't think it's a big mistake. They also have rights too, just like everyone else.


    Say that when you find out ducking your head don't stop it being blown off.

    That's because the US and British have done nothing but meddle in that county in the past. It's really all about the oil and we really should leave other countries alone. I've read the history of Iran.
    Even I had to duck, I'd blame the countries who goaded them into it.

    Good for you Eggie. That's exactly correct. We need to mind our own business and stop bossing other countries around.

    Eggie, I gree with you. I read the history of the US and britain in the middle east.Nothing to be proud of.

    Do we have a choice in the matter? I don't think so ! the  Iranian are not going to summit to the American people.


    This is not juat about America stepping in this is a problem for everybody.

    Well stated Eggy, what right has one nation to dictate to another nation what they should and shouldn`t develop

    After all the atomic bomb was developed by a German but the scientist involved absconded to the USA with his plans where the US scientist with his knowledge finished the work.


    Spot on Old friend

    Actually, despite all the rhetoric there really isn't any way we are going to prevent them getting the bomb. All the western countries will be able to do is to show Iran that if they use the bomb they will meet with overwhelming force. Despite all their belicosity, I don't think they have a death wish, no matter what the Ayatollas say. The problem is keeping Isreal calm and trying to stabilize the geo-political climate.I don't think that Iran can hold out much longer against the sanctions. The problem is that once a country has the know how, and they do, there really isn't much choice in the matter. They don't pose an existential threat to us or any other major western player unless they have a wish to become a contaminated dust spot and like I said, I don't think they do.

    There are problems and hazards in making a nuke. Why do you think we abandoned the Savanna River? Our progress in making nukes left a trail of bodies that no one can talk about. Few have any idea how horrible it was and the Soviets parade of carnage has been far worse. Woolsey describes Cyclotron awareness as one "step from the bomb”.  What a salesman for terrorists to encourage faith in that outrageous lie…and frighten children here who don’t doubt the dishonesty. 

    The inspiration for these actions may be ejected off the planet by the will of Ollie. There goes another one. 

    We need to allow iran to continue. Just so other low life countries will see what will happen to them if they try copying what iran tries to do. There is only one reason they want this . That is to destruction of israel. The leader will sacifrice the lives of iranian people and his life to glorify the islamic  religion. They say israel is a cancerous tumor in the heart of the islamic world. They want israel eliminated The next president of USA will have to deal with the destruction of iran if israel does not do it first.  My guess israel will shoot first and ask questions later. They have 50 or so nuclear weapons.  Three will take care of the problem.

    They are the new evil empire. They must be eliminated (the regime). To look the other way on this is the end of what sanity there is still left on this planet. If you want a nice lawn, you have to kill the weeds. Some of the comments here are just ridiculous, but you have your opinion, I have mine. If I threaten my neighbor with death, I go to jail. They threatened Israel with death, send them to Allah. We can debate many issues on this site because we have freedom. Those freedoms would cease to exist if we want to give in to the bad guys. Randy, you'd be hanging from a tree because of your religious beliefs, and hanging right next to you would be your buddy Colleen because of her sexual orientation. 



    Nothing. Iran is not suicidal. Its contrary to what you hear in the news about Nuclear weapons. Its about  dominace in the middle east  by neocons. If Iran is attacked, I have no doubt that they will defend themselves and could draw us in war of unimaginable proportions.

    ed shank

    Iran's regime is insane by the standards of civilized people. What will happen once they nuke Israel? Will we stand by an watch a repeat of Hitlers regime? Conquering one land after another. I think not. Is oil a motivating factor for involvement by the US? yes it is. We can not survive without it. Unemployment is at 8.3% today. Without oil for 4 months, unemployment will be 99.9%.

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