Who really assassinated JFK? Apparently shots were fired from different directions.

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    Thats him !!

    I'm keeping my mouth shut on this one.

    Ah, the Grassy Knoll...............

    The Mob in cahoots with the Cia..

    ed shank

    Thinking the same here.

    It could be any one of a number of organisations, he cheesed off a lot of people that help him to get into WHITE HOUSE.

    Don't think any of us will be alive when those responsible will be identified.


    I’m with you on that bet. It is quite a who-done-it. The lead question is will we let top down abuse continue or go for bottom-up rule…government of the people.

    Oswald knew. He was murdered by a dying man (Ruby) to keep silent.....

    Hmmm- I think it was the alien hidden in area 51.  Having had his ship wrecked he was unable to use alien weapons and had to use a rifle.  He was terrified of the space program. (you need to remember that he was imprisoned for quite a while and after his dissection by idiot govt. scientists he healed but his thinking 'wasn't quite right').  

    Mafia, Oswald was a patsy.

    I think he was murdered by the Mafia. His brother Bobby who was Attorney General at that time, started to investigate the Mafia. Oswald was set up to take the blame.

    It depends on what conspiracy theory you believe.


    The facts are still there. The bricks bare witness to the story. Time will tell all of it.

    Most of the forensics using modern technology indicate that Oswald did it. He wasn't a patsyt and Ruby did not kill Oswald to keep him quiet for the mob. The problem with all these conspiracies is how in the world do you think that all the people necessary to carry this out managed to keep it a secret for almost 50 years? Utter nonsense!!

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