I have to move out of Indiana for a job in Georgia. I currently have joint custody. Will I lose custody completely?

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    Not to be amuse but if you dont have a job,you definitely will lose custody completely. Sometime you have to consider how you gonna go on in life, sometime you have to let go somethings to survive. Love never forgets who u r and will be there when you find time when you can. But you dont wanna be trying to keep your part of custody wt no job, they will look at that.

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    Know i don't think so.but it will be your resposablity.To pick up or make some kind of arrangments to pick them up and bring them back.This will more than likely happen on holidays and summer vacations.Good Luck!!!!!!!


    Yes this is what usually happens.

    I'm hoping this move is just temporary.  How old are your children?  If they are old enough, they could possibly make the decision of who they'd like to live with and the court would agree with their wishes.
    It sounds like you and the ex have a working relationship, and that's a really good thing.  You would not lose custody of your children because you have to move for a job  You might consider going back to the court to get a temporary modification of the custody order. Talk to your ex and the children (if they are old enough to be included) and try to work things out so no one gets hurt.  
    If you are worried about losing the kids as a tax exemption or EIC, talk to your ex about splitting the exemptions and benefits. 


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