Do you believe that Pre-nuptual agreements are a good idea???

    with all that my spouse is putting me through with this divorce I am thinking they are a darn good idea.  I don't live in a State where everything is automatically split in two...and without an agreement your soon to be X can drag you through mud-over and over and over again.

    I used to think they weren't a good idea- they defied "trust" and were "unnecessary" WRONG

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    I certainly wish I thought of that with my first 12 wives..  LOL

    I believe it should be incorporated into the marriage process, then no one would be taken advantage of later on, and it would preclude opportunists. If a person marries for the right reason, what would they have to fear?


    When it comes to money it don't just talk it SCREAMS GREED.

    Hell yes. Keep your's, I'll spend mine.

    I once would have said absolutely not, trust should suffice with the one you love, however in hindsight I would have to say in some circumstance yes, wish I had

    Depends if it is my money or the ladies

    If I Married again...(IE NEVER)!!lol..cynical old me...I`D definitely say yes!....i agree with  Shooyah in that it should be part of the marriage agreement..but these days I don`t think people should be offended if you ask for a pre-nup!...I`d do it,then forget about it....My EX -husband screwed me for EVERY PENNY I HAD!!! we were OH SO IN LOVE TO BEGIN WITH!!!rotfl!....Doesn`t mean everyone will..but I`D do it and then get on with a happy and loving life!!:-)

    good millie xx

    It's a good idea, but a lawyer told my sister that they can still be challenged.

    ABSOLUTELY,  there are to many people out to (get one over on the naive.) To many takers out there taking advantage of trusting people. It's a sad thing when money and possessions become more important to someone than love and a long-term relationship. Till death do us part doesn't have the same meaning anymore.


    The first sentence defines my spouse. The second one describes me. Of course my spouses god is apparently $.

    LOl, sorry to hear that dolittle. Money is important, but It's definitely not everything.

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