how do i refuse this offer?

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    Just say no. It works it really does.

    I believe you have the wrong site.  If you tell us who/ what company gave you the offer we may be able to find a web address or phone # to reach them.


    Just back from a hospital appointment,
    ask me a little later.
    Some effing Birthday.

    I hope so too.Gotta wait for results.

    Hey pal hope everything is "OK" good luck.

    Thanks doo, appreciated :)

    1.If it is in e-mail, you can go to the bottom of their page and there should be a stop option there.

    2. I have e-mail blocking options that allow me to block mail that contain any selected word, phrase, image, etc including unsolicited mail. 

    3. Refusing an offer is as simple as closing a screen, not providing information or checking your preferences to mask your presence, or block pop-ups.

    4. “No” is a word of power and means you are in charge of your choices. 

    Just say NO! Like I do.


    Plain. Simple. easy to pronounce. say no thank you if you want to be polite. BUT ROMOS KOTF...paaleese! Buy you a drink!

    Rain check! R u ok??? I HOPE SO!!!!!

    Prayers for you Romos- that the test results come back showing you are Healthy!

    Of Course!!!

    I let my wife deal with that .Great sense of "Humour  Would like a extension on my Flat always wanted a Conservatory "Wow I heard in the back of the phone Address please details paying by debit or cash .My wife said always pay by cash !! "Oh my wife cried one problem ."OH there's no problem we cant over come  they said ,can we help what is the problem? My wife replied I live in a "Tower block "Fourteen floors up.!!. Josie turned to me and said The phone just went dead ."Wonder Why?  We both have a wicked sense of "Humour.

    I politely decline, unless it involves shoes or handbags

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