Kinds Of Human Cells

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    There are many different cells in the human body. The different cells in the body are generally grouped into tissues that have similar properties. The four main groups of tissues in the body are, muscular, nervous, connective, and epithelial.

    There are 3 classes of cells in the human body. Labile cells, stable cells, and permanent cells. Labile cells are dividing all the time--always in the cell cycle. Examples include cells in the digestive tract, skin, respiratory tract, and stem cells in the bone marrow producing blood cells. Stable cells are in Gap O most of the time in the cell cycle, but can be stimulated to enter the cell cycle when needed. Examples include: the liver, the proximal tubules of the kidney, and endocrine glands. Permanent cells remain in the Gap 0 phase of the cell cycle, and will not come out no matter what!!! RBC's, nervous tissue, cardiac myocytes, and the lens of the eye are examples. Permanent cells cannot be replaced!!

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