how to get water retention out of ankles quick

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    See a doctor and get  a diuretic. Lie down with your legs elevated so they are higher than your heart. You need to do this for an hour at least.


    Good answer Colleen. In addition, drink LOTS of water.

    Stand on your head?

    Use the compression socks or stockings daily, day and night and you will see a gradual improvement in the lessening of the swelling, to a point of almost no swelling. I learned this the hard way through experience.  Not sure why I swelled so, but at my work I stand all day, 5 days a week,  don't get enough sleep most nights . Am in my late forties,   have heart disease and PAD in my family history,  as well as diabetes. All issues.  I'm trying to preempt by supporting my leg veins with the compression socks and after 3 months I see a very marked improvement in the swelling.  The swelling  almost is none!!  And it feels great!!  Trust your instincts and be proactive, will  definitely pay off!    I feel old having to do this, but , yet,  I feel younger having done it!!   I have a quite physically active job that I handle each day, and feel  vibrant daily,  as I should at only 48!!

    Quickly, then elevate your feet well above your heart for an hour or two at least and hope that does the trick  for now.

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