How do you get rid of gophers?

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    My sister had a awful problem with them in garden tried everything.  Then adopted two cats from the shelter problem solved.  That was 2yrs ago.

    You can buy traps at the hardware store.

    Gophers will eat Gummy Bears but cannot digest them and thus die. 


    robert! That is cruel and unusual Punishment for such sweet creatures!

    doolittle send me your mailing address via Colleen and I will be delighted to send the 25 live gophers in my yard to you to take tinder loving care of them….otherwise your future family of pets will all die a horrible death and it will be too late for you to save them….your address or else.

    Stop inviting them to your garden parties?

    Could use have-a-heart traps, crate them up, and send them to the Touchy-Feely Club C/O Friends of Fond Thought down to the end of Illogical Lane. LOL!


    I'll gladly take them!

    i think you should watch the movie Caddy Shack with Bill Murry......this may help...(lol)


    Love that movie!

    Explosives work by destroying the gophers ability to hear the approach of predators so they die of fright.

    We've had the best luck with 'black hole' box traps.  Sometimes a little peanut butter or celery leaves in the outside end will entice the more savvy scoundrels.


    Its funny, but ut seems a lot of different animals like peanut butter.

    And what is wrong with having gophers in your garden???  If you must 'get rid of them' please buy humane traps that capture the sweet creatures but do not kill them and move them to a nice place.

    Gophers are friendly...but shy.  I must compliment have lovely dirt in your garden- perfect for holes!!  What comes next, moles???

    Daisy, just need to leave them alone. Dont need to kill them. Let them live. Maybe there is a fox nearby, they eat those things.


    I have chickens…..chickens + foxes + gophers…..what is my motivation?

    Plant some MARIGOLDS.  The gophers do not like them; I don't know WHY, but that has always worked for me, AND I didn't make up this solution.  :D    

    There is “Gopher Weed” which grows here. The odor of the roots of this weed drives gophers away because it overwhelms their since of smell, necessary to know what they are eating. I do have some of that around so all I need do is spread the seeds and my neighbors gardens will be eaten. 

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