Would you rather get your driveway paved or an inground pool?

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    Pave the driveway, then get a private hot tub.

    Best of both if you ask me.

    Judging by your photo, my guess is that you prefer a paved driveway. Personally, I'd go with the in-ground pool but hey, I'm just a kid.


    Just like me huh?

    I'm just a serf;-)

    Scrape and gravel the driveway and get a pool put in. A pool can be of great value. A pool holds water that can be hooked up to a pump water for fire protection if needed…lowering your fire insurance. In winter, with solar heaters, the water can be used to lower household heating cost  by pre-heating water to the hot water heater.     


    cool beans! You sold me!

    There are many applications for a pool…swimming being my least favorite. In Japan large outdoor pools are stocked with fish and floating walk ways are set up for folk to fish for the stocked fish. In California pools are used to grow lots of hydroponic produce like lettuce in floating rafts. The water is automatically heated and chemically regulated for max plant growth and yield. Best flavor and quality salad I ever grew. The pool also serves as a conveyer for the lettuce.

    We had a driveway that was .3 mile long and it was paved by the property owner. We were surrounded by vineyards and fruit trees.  The only thing that didn't bring up dust was the driveway.  
    With the 3 kids, the pool would have been a treat.  Without the kids, the pool would have been a treat.  
    I did get a large above-ground pool at one point (a low point).  It was a nightmare to set up and a nightmare to maintain.
    Where I live now has both....and a hot tub.  Everyone uses the driveway.  I'm pretty much the only person who uses the pool and hot tub.    
    Whoops....forgot to answer your question......POOL 

    Tough choice but i'd have to go with the driveway, pools are fun but a royal pain in the arse to maintain, perhaps you'r better off having a friend with a pool than actually owning one your self..


    i do have a pool but its small but i guess i`ll just half to live with it for one more summer.

    you don't have to entertain a driveway, but get a'll have friends you've never met


    my house is your house...put your drinks in the fridge, ice in the cooler, and once the grill heats up you can cook the burgers you brought! :)

    wow doolittle, wish I lived next door to you, sounds good to me if I can swim in your pool

    A pool last until you get sick of all the upkeep and there is a lot.  A driveway last for years and still adds value to your property..........

    It is a matter of if you can pay for the up keep of the pool.. It is not the installation that is going to break you ... it is the chemicals, testing and maintenance. 

    paved driveway, by all means.


    and hopefully live next door to nice neighbors with a pool

    Yes I


    Great answer.....

    Paved driveway

    A drivwaey. Done with stone pavers would be beautiful.


    I think I’ll go for cobblestone just to upset the neighbors again.

    Yeah my driveway is long and has rocks all down it exept the end of it and it has like 7 deep holes in it so were getting it paved for sure.Probrably in april.

    sounds like a chore.

    To properly maintain a pool, it is a nuisance, and there is also the costs of chemicals. I'd go with the driveway being paved instead.

    I never cease to be amazed at the tunnel vision displayed on this site.

    Put in a driveway with a lap pool between the two car tracks.

    Problem solved.

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