which president is the wealthest?

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    George Washington. Slavery had its' benefits.

    JFK by far was the richest President..




    Yes l heard he was dead rich.
    Jack Large

    If that is what you mean, than OBAMA is the riches President, since we only have ONE President. ;)

    Wow a rich man is the most beloved president in history.. INTERESTING!!!!
    Jack Large

    JFK said we should ask what can we can do for my county, not what can my county do for ME.

    Today too many people are asking what MORE can my county do for me?

    Unemployment compensation use to be 90 days, now it is 99 WEEKS and the "Payroll Tax," (FICA,)was cut 2% and has taking $350,000,000,000, out of SS for two years. That's sad IMO

    JFK had the Congress pass the largest tax cut in history that cut the marginal tax rate from 90% down to 50%

    Reagan cut it to 32% Clinton raised it to 35% and Bush cut it back to 32%

    We never seem to learn from history. Every time the tax rates were cut, the economy grew.

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