who is the master of the world

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    I agree with Benthere It's God.


    defiantly its god/allah

    God without a daubt.

    mother nature, of course.

    god besause he made it

    The masters of this world would be humans for the time being.


    Okay WHO told you about me?


    "Complaint department is in the closet Dearie!"

    Many may think they are the master but all will stand one day before God the real Master

    World…the perceived world of cultural division and unions where various groups following one or more leaders ….That would be me, but I have a few more debts to pay off….and I’ll never get off the hook to God. 

    Spiritually speaking Satan Claus is in charge, but God is the absolute ruler. Everything must go across His desk for approval.

    Leadership wise it's the N.W.O. or the 1%.

    The devil is always do the thing you didn;t  want to do .

    "Master" is a really odd word to use.  
    Definitions in my dictionary include, but are not limited to:
    1. one who rules others or has control, power, or authority over something.
    2. head of a household or institution; employer, owner of an animal or slave; captain of a merchant ship; one who excels in a contest or skill
    3. a title applied to a boy considered too young to be a "Mister". 
    4. in Scotland, the heir apparent to a viscount or baron
    5. a metal matrix or mold made from the original recording and used to produce phonograph records in quantity
    6. a person very skilled and able in some work, profession, or science.
    7. a teacher or tutor
    ......and there are several other definitions for the word "Master"
    You are the Master of your own world (you are in charge of yourself), even when you are young and under the direction of your parents or others who profess "authority".  You are the one who chooses whether or not you will adhere to their admonishments, recommendations, edicts,  et cetera.  Check out those big words! 

    The one that "Rules? I think "Woman!! .and so do they !! lol


    How can I erase your answer before my wife see's it !

    Just tell her the silly Scotsman meant to put in ""MEN!!He has "Female on the mind.Also tell her we need them !!

    "" I am the master...

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