Is this a good thing? Test tube hamburgers to be served this year.

    The process of culturing the artificial meat in the lab is so laborious that the finished product, expected to arrive in eight months' time, will cost about £220,000 (EUR250,000).
    But researchers expect that after producing their first patty they will be able to scale up the process to create affordable artificial meat products.Mass-producing beef, pork, chicken and lamb in the lab could satisfy the growing global demand for meat - forecast to double within the next 40 years - and dramatically reduce the harm that farming does to the environment.



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    Makes you wonder doesn't it? Oh well, I can always use an extra hand around the place, I just wasn't expecting it to start growing out my back!

    Normally I would say the proof of the pudding is in the eating but with this one I am giving it the brush-off,  definitely not for me. 



    Seems there maybe some pro & cons to this kind of thing but I will wait until more studies are done on this type of thing.

    Will onions be included in these, don,t like mine without?

    Shall I start saving for one now if the production is  away in the future?

    What about the relish?

    Wouldn,t be a bad thing if they taste okay.

    Not everyone likes burgers though.

    Guess that would make the cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep happy. What about the fish?

    That was hands down very funny.

    It doesn`t sound good to eat.

    Sounds quite familiar to what we know as a hotdog..

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