How do I keep my Computer screen from going black ?

    After my Computer sits idle for 1 to 2 minutes , the screen goes black . How can I keep this from happening ?

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    Monitor Sleep Timer

    If your computer's monitor is turning off too quickly when mouse movements or other activity aren't detected, it's likely that the sleep timer for your energy plan is set too low. The sleep timer gives you the ability to control how long your computer waits before placing the monitor into its primary sleep mode and can be set for an interval of as little as one minute. If the monitor shuts down while you're still using the computer because you haven't moved the mouse then you can correct the problem by adjusting your power plan settings.

    Adjusting Monitor Sleep Settings

    Open the Control Panel from the Start menu, then click the "System and Security" link to access your computer's system setup options. Click the "Power Options" link to access the list of power plans available on your computer and click "Change Plan Settings" to access the plan options for the power plan you currently use. Open the drop-down menu beside the "Turn Off the Display" option and choose a new sleep timer interval, then click "Save Changes" to adjust your power plan to use the interval you selected.

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