kia left me hanging with there roadside assistance for two weeks what can be done

    i did not just sit on the road for 2 weeks, i was working out of town when my new car 2011 broke down, roadside told me to call a wrecker, i did , when the wrecker took the car to the dealer, roadside refused to pay the bill so the wrecker company took the car until i could pay for it, keep in mind i am working 200 miles a way with no car. after i paid the wrecker and kia fixed the car 2 weeks had gone by. roadside still will not pay the bill becasue i had it towed to my hometown which was 26 miles further than the nearest kia dealer but would have taken the car in the opposite direction as where i live. the part that caused my car to break down was put in by the dealer i purchased the car from as a recall. roadside is using a technicality not to pay for the tow and provide the service they have been contracted to do by the car dealers. i told them ok just pay what it would have cost to tow it where you wanted it to go, they said no

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    Really? You were stuck on the road for two weeks and did not call anyone else?


    OK, I see you added to your story. Can't read it now as I'm on the phone. I'll be back.

    Looks like this comes down to the agreed contract between the buyer and roadside. Is it in the contract that roadside will only cover if the car is towed to the nearest dealer? Read the contract.

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