Кто знает этот язык ответьте!!!

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    privetik! kagdila, Andrew?

    Privetik, u menya vse normalno, a kak u tebya dela? nakanetsto kto-to znaet russkiii
    Privetik, u menya vse normalno, a kak u tebya dela? nakanetsto kto-to znaet russkiii
    Ms Sinclair I think you meant to say The British are coming the British are coming
    Ya ochen lublyu raznye yazyki
    Ya znayu Russkii s detstva
    Thanks Colleen, but I stil use Google translator for other languages and when I;m lazy to do the translation myself, its awesome free online tool for everybody.
    Im actualy fluent in russian and 6 other languages ;-)
    Hey guys I'm just having fun, its good for you sometimes LOL!!! :-)

    Wanted to let you know that I'm fluent in Russian, I wish. LoL!!!
    Здравствуйте, я могу читать и писать на этом языке. ;)
    harry potter

    ну ты крут!

    krosavcheg! (hope I wrote it right)

    Klassno znachit mnogo kto zdes znaet russkii
    i know pig latin owha reaa ouya
    Russian, Who knows the answer!!!
    The Russians are coming the Russians are coming!!!
    That's impressive Andrew. Google translator was invented for single language people like me : )
    I know. I was grinning once I saw it was you. ; )
    Andrew, I just looked and saw who posted this. You're a member. Stop messing around, lol
    "Who knows the answer, please respond"

    I don't know Russian but I know how to use a translator. What's the question and if I know it I can put the answer into a translator. That's the best I can do.

    Я не знаю русский, но я знаю, как использовать переводчик. Что вопрос, и если я знаю, что я могу положить в ответ переводчик. Это лучшее, что я могу сделать.
    Andrew, ti otlichno vladeesh russkim yazikom! navernoe, ti rodom iz Rossii??
    u menya tozhe vse normalyok! Ja ochen' lublu russkij! Kak davno ti ego izuchaesh, Andrew?

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