On Fridays after school I come home eat a snack then do my homework so I wont have to do it on the weekands what would you do?

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    There are two types of students:  doers that don't think and thinkers that don't do.

    Hey, kiddo, you are neither.  You are both a thinker and a doer..

    Congratulations.  Your long weekend will be very nice!



     In high school i always did my  2 hours homework straight away when i got home friday, i had the whole weekend free, not like some who did it at the last minute sunday night, Val you won't regret it.

    I did the  same thing. Surprisingly I found that I had a lot of time to do whatever I wanted to do. TV was too boring to watch. No one had a computer when I was in school. So I thought about what I really like doing and how that could become a hobby. My family didn’t have a lot of money and there were so many things that I thought I would like to have. So I looked at the things I wanted and considered how I could make it better, improve on it in some way…any way. I started making models of things I wanted and would sketch up designs and think about how to improve on it in some way, any way. Everything needs improvement and that’s what I did.

            As a result my accomplishments are amazing but what I found that I really wanted is to help other people realize their dreams. My life is my greatest success and there are many very wealthy people who I helped when they really needed. They are responsible for their success and I am responsible for mine. That is what I choose to do and there have been times when I felt cheated but that became a terrible burden for those who thought they cheated me.

    The same. What grade are you in?

    Start looking into microbiology, chemistry, and computer science. This has good future potential..Do look at this kind of stuff on weekends.for only 20 minutes a day. You have the time.

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