Do you cheat on your taxes ?

    Maybe i should have asked , who doesnt.

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    Would not even think about it!

    It's almost impossible these days, I use an accountant and my bank details, wages etc etc are all out there, I might mildly exaggerate some of my expenses but nothing too outrageous.


    Like a duck house on your moat,??

    exactly!! and Biro's when I work for the government!!

    I certainly did until i got caught-- Since then I am a legal eagle - The feds have 'puter's now.. They know how to work 'em too!


    they sure do!!

    Yes.. yes .. I am a huge cheater.. I cheated in math class too... NO SILLY!!!! That is bad... 

    NO.  I have met some people who do...they are all wealthy!!!! Pisses me off!!

    Before i say yes can this be traced to me by the IRS...


    Big Brother is watching

    I really do think doing away with income tax and using a purchase tax would be more efficient. Look at G E. .  They paid no income tax because they have really good accountants and know how to legally use the system.

    Are you from the IRS?




    I've been in line at the bank behind a woman who the I.R.S. had frozen her assets. I have to say, she had a really shocked look on her face when she walked out. I don't think I'd want that little surprise waiting for me at the bank someday! They definitely don't fool around getting what they think is theirs.


    No...I don't cheat on anything or anyone.  I like to sleep well and feel contented and happy.  Cheating would make me feel worried and sick!  Cheaters seem to have no problem with it.

    No.........I like to have a clear conscience when i go to sleep at night.

    Tax evasion is what caused the problems in Greece, the fat cat doctors, dentists and ship owners did not pay their share and now the burden is falling on the middle and working classes. We should all pay our fair share of tax and id the government misspends the money, vote them out.

    I have to confess though, when I was working I used to back-pocket cash.

    The rich do pay their fair share. If they pay little its because they have good accountants that know the laws and how to work them.

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