can 30 vicodin taken at same time cause death?

    Will 30 500 mg vicodin taken together cause death?

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    Again Yes, for several people!

    This is a SERIOUSLY alarming question...I could easily be wrong but sounds like you are seriously depressed to ask such a question??...It like any other medication taken in more than the stated counted as an OVERDOSE...(intended or accidental)...SO if this is the case..please please go and get some help from your GP...or confide in someone you trust to help you get help...

    VICODIN OR ANY CODIENE BASED meds...will usually make

    violently sick before it attacks the liver..and many people end their days in severe pain in a Liver care Medical unit... so even if the tabs werent legally prescibed for you..You won`t be in trouble if you fess up to your G.P....YOUR HEALTH is everyones main concern!!

    Good luck!!..Millie xx

    Please get counceling. If you can't afford it, then look around, or ask around for a low cost , or no cost clinic where it is based on your ability to pay.. There will be a talk therapist there who will prob have a masters in social work . I wish you the best  ♥

    You will die. Get help now. NOTHING is worth dyeing for.


    Thanks so much 4 having taken the time 2 answer. I confided in my doctor on my depression, some counseling & bllod work turns out I was anemic, no vitamin d levels with celiac disease makes it tough, but the underlying cause was all B viatin levels were non existent. Without them to function it can cause depression. And I couldn't figure out what was causing all these thouhts & emotions running like crazy. Again, Thank you.

    Not to exceed eight tablets in 24 hours.

    yes,get help ASAP!

    To those that answered question, many thanks. Went 2 doc, counseling but I had/have no reason 4 the thoughts of suicide & not living 2 run rampart in my head. So why? She did some blood work based on I have celiacs disease, can't have dairy foods, and am continually low on iron. She found ny vitamin d level very low, but the contibuting red flag causing all this is every b vitamin has a role to play in pfysical yet also mental health. Without it, things cannot run as should, and it causes severe depression with low levels for lengthy time periods. All my vitamin b levels were at a dangerouly low level causing that with a couple other things. We are working a wheat, gluten. dairy free diet. After 30 days I will be feeling better. Thank you for taking time.

    It can respiratory depression leading ot death.

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