Why dogs eat feces

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    I don't know, but it sure makes you think twice before letting the dog lick your face!

    Coprophagia is the technical name for what you are describing in your dogs behavior. Dogs eat faeces, it is a common problem. In most canines it is actually a normal behavior.Clean up any droppings immediately that way there is no temptation laying around.

    They eat theire feces if they are missing a nutrient in theire diet. You schould change his food to a more natural diet like Natural Life.

    I don't know but I'd bet my dog's hind end it's gonna happen.............

    there is a product you can buy from the vet or on line to solve this problem. It's called I believe forbid.

    All dogs will eat cat shit, eating dog shit is a whole other story!

    clean up the shit and substitute it with banana, it could be a protein deficiency problem ;-)   

    Well if  you all ever wonder why i choose this online name this is one of the reasons why.  After my dog Gracie and her lovely smells and habits.   I know not a good reason...go figure??

    Perhaps it's hungry, do you feed it?

    Doolittle knows the reason....but the Canine Committee on Consumption of Crud (which includes eating any poop) swore me to secrecy.

    Give them a high quietly dog food that the first ingredient is meat.

    My GS did this and when I changed her food she quit doing it.

    Have you ever heard about recycle? maybe there trying to tell you something! keep it clean!

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