First time getting a D- so freaking out

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    You did not say what the D was for, now i will be wondering all night

    Have drinking chocolate make you sleep, lewboy. lol

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    Study harder next time Valeria.


    MUCH harder!

    Here, I'll give you an A+ for doing a good job freaking out.

    Could be worse could be an F.....try a little harder ..

    Maybe it's because you are spending too much time on akaQA posting silly questions instead of studying.

    I'd had been too afraid to go home with a grade like that...........


    Jules i think that may be part of her problem, parents who expect more than they are capable of giving.

    Im happy, that all parents are not same, I was never top of class, jhharlan, because I had lazy brain, even though my Dear Dad, used to help me, and accepted that I would never be Doctor etc.In my 20s I became interested in study, and made some thing out of my life, sadly my Dear Dad did not live to see it. Parents should not expect to much, just encouragement. Worked for me in end. interested in studys

    Work harder, turn off the television, also turn off the games on the computer. My three sons became doctors because they studied hard at school and at home. They got good marks for all their hard work and of course they got the uni. course they wanted.

    What subject?

    My son had that problem finally got over it. Learned how to spell his name .

    It's not the end of the world, with study you will do better next time. There are far worse things in life, than  worrying about a 'D'.

    1st only? I'm surprised based on how much time you are on this site and how little you study.


    MEAN!!!:-)) rotfl!!

    I think your grades are up to you, perhaps join a study group or get extra tutoring.

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