Is it better to live like a king in a crappy third world country, or live in very moderate circumstances in a first world country ?

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    Depends on what kind of morals you have I suppose.


    And so, I dare to ask, which is for you??? :)

    I would rather live along with the poor than Lord over the poor.
    Which I DOO!

    Seems a bit leftist of you as I dont know what it has to do with morals, but I suppose there is an element of imagining that all ' first world people ' living in backward countries are naturally imperialist, moneygrubbing slave drivers !

    Can,t go any further to the left,no more room.
    Power corrupts.
    Morals apply.
    In my case anyway.

    Hey, I was far left first- LOL- Romos, Doo does too,

    Hmm...I have never lived in a 3rd world country...I have visited several.  Not all 3rd world countries are dictatorships.  In the US the rich get better 'anything they want' than the poor.  Stressboxer, where do you live?


    Hey, Doolittle - I live in South Africa. Its kind of first world, but most go to bed hungry. I was just curious to find out what ppl would respond to my question.

    Hey, South Africa has come a long way! We have a lot of folks here that go to bed hungry every night too. Some kids get a free lunch at school and that is their only meal.

    My wife and I have been in both places (though we wouldn't live like royalty in the third world), and we both prefer the moderate living in the "first" world. There is much more to consider in a third world besides wealth, such as safety, medical care, transportation, and freedom to do as you wish.

    I would rather live in a first world country.

    According to Happy Planet surveys, happiest people, year in and year out, come from a country off the coast of Australia.    They are considered very poor from the world's standard, yet their lives are very fulfilled and are in harmony with the environment.  May be you should change your attitude about calling them "crappy third world country".  Happiness doesn't necessarily come from owing I-phones, BMWs, having steaks for dinner, shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, or access to cocaine.

    The survey results from Happy Planet may surprise you.  Click below and take your own survey to see how happy you are:







    Have they got cable in this third world country, yes it would make a difference.

    Third world. If your filthy rich, maybe you an make it a second rate country. I miss being called "Your highness".

    I would like to live in a third world country and try to make things better for the people

    I live in the latter and must admit I'm spoiled and used to it. I don't aspire to be king or queen.........

    If you are living like a King suggests to me you would have all the money then therefore the choice would be yours.

    At first I thought, you know I could do a lot of good for a 3rd world country. Then I read Unbriel answer. I don't want to be assassinated. Some of these places look hopeless.I'm not that selfless! I'll go with the 1st country! I love clean water, and hot water on tap! I like electricity! I love my computer and eating regular meals. I can look out my window and see pretty lawns, and flowers blooming. Not people starving, living in the streets, sick, homeless, hungry and poor.

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