ok so im 13 and me and this guy matt dated 5 times. and after we broke up for the last time like 3 weeks later we started liking eachother again, but soon i thought he was cheating on me so i assumed me and him were over. so the next day me and this guy rick started liking eachother and made out. the next day i found out he wasnt cheating on me and he still loved me....i felt horrible! then everyone called me a slut and a whore. i felt so bad but i couldnt just leave rick now,and i apologized to

    i apologized to matt like 1oo times but now he is a total jerk to me and talks bad about me all the time

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    It sounds like you all are far too young to be dating. Wait until you are older, say 18 years old to try this again. By the way, dating means "getting to know you" as in personality to see if you two match in areas of likes and life plans. Not getting to know what his tonsils feel like. Quit making out on the first "date". You're going to get a bad name doing that.

    Your to young to date. What do you mean by making out? Your to young for that too. Boys will come in time, you need to grow a few more years before your ready for a relationship.

    You need to talk to your parents.

    Headless Man

    Or your grandparents, as a grandparent of 3 teen age girls sometimes they can tell me things their not conformable talking to parents about.

    Your wiser, you don't judge, and you have great listening skills. Most parents fail, because they talk at their kid, not to them. Their parents may say they are to young and dismiss their feelings.Kid's feeling have value.
    I'm glad your granddaughters have you, they are very lucky.

    Your just to young to understand things, dating is to get to know each other and if you have sex you are only finding out what he wants not who he is. If he tries to have sex with you tell him your not that kind of girl and keep saying that until someone ask you to marry them, you won't be sorry and you won't become what people are calling you.


    Right on!

    Too young...too young...too young!!!!!  Time to concentrate on school and homework!  Boys are always going to be around, so wait until you are older.

    You need to get your act together and forget about boys. You are way too young to date. Concentrate on school and hang around with girl-friends. You have plenty of time to date when you are older,. You are going to head for trouble the way you are going and dont say we didnt tell you when it happens.

    I've been where you are and I was 13 at the time, too. That's a rough time for any kid, especially when everybody tells you that you are too young. All I can tell you is to give it time, time heals all wounds.......


    She is too young as any 13 year old is. They do not have the mental capabilities to cope with a relationship. Empathy is good but truth is better. 13 is too young. The child is making out already. Mommyhood is next.

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