is it wrong to be different?

    is it wrong to be different?

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    That's a very broad question. In this society, we have laws that shouldn't be broken, so being different by not being law-abiding like most of the population is, is  wrong. On the other hand, just think where we'd be if people thought it was wrong to be different, and acted accordingly. Christopher Columbus dared to be different by denying conventional wisdom that the earth was flat. The Wright Brothers were determined to fly despite all the pundits; they were different. There are loads of examples where different meant "right."


    And every now and then you come up with a good answer that I can give you a thumbs up for....good on you.


    Difference is something to be proud of as long as you are happy with yourself............


    Not at all!  But, unfortunately, life is sometimes a lot like the cartoon above!



    "Variety is the spice of life", how true that is.

    No, Sometimes it's the right thing to do. I like independent thinkers, I was never a crowd pleaser, nor did I follow the crowd. I blaze my own path. I am responsible for me and my decisions, I will pay for them, or be rewarded for them. I don't want to pay for not thinking and following someone else's deals like a robot. If I agree with them, wonderful, but be brave enough to say "NO" and walk away.

    Look in your history books, it's full of people that were different.

    Value your ideas! Being different is a good thing. It's what makes you an individual!


    Great answer.

    Thank You!

    Well now, there you go again....thinking outside of the box!   Stop it!   LOL!!!!!!!

    puzzled- trying to fit with what others proclaim is "normal" may not work and cause you misery if you see things differently than the "normal" folks do!!! (assuming your thinking isn't harmful to you or others )  You are welcome here!  Many of us are 'different' and we appreciate that about ourselves and others.

    Everyone is different and that's the way it is...

    No each and everyone of us is unique.

    Disagreement requires thought and courage to stand up for what may be untrue, unwise or wrong. If I am mistaken when a proposed course of action can be upheld as the best course, and qualify as the right thing to do in the face of alternatives, then I will do what is best. In disagreement I proclaim my equality among equals and challenge ways, means, results and effects in the spheres of influence such actions or inaction may have. I have a right to be mistaken and stand in defiance to be proven in error. But then I choose to disagree with care and express my disagreements respectfully, more as a question than a demand unless demands are required to have voice. Wisdom flows like a gentle moving river while demands are tumultuous and emotionally driven.


    Well said, Robert!

    whay makes us different?We all have that unique gift.

    there are you own thought and feelings.

    No, it not wrong. You have to love yourself for the unique person that you are and we all are.

    My favorite tee shirt says, and I quote:


    Different is good as long as it doesn't cause harm to yourself or others.  if you are different because you have dreams and hopes unlike anyone else, that's great. 

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