Every Iranian man wears a beard which looks like a four day no shave. Is this a cultural thing?

    Akmadimplejob always looks so sloppy as does the rest of his entourage. Is it a religious requirement?



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    Don Johnson started that style in the 80s . It's still going strong here in the U.S. too .

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    I truly hope someone gives a knowledgeable answer to this question.  I have always wondered about the beards and the head wraps Muslim men wear.  Is it a protection from the hot sun or cultural?

    They look like bums. The only thing missing is a bottle of Muscatel in a paper bag.



    It is a personal preference.

    In my part of the US  Many of the cultures do not shave! For instance, the Amish men do not cut their hair or shave! The Amish do not use electric  Their craftmanship in furniture  making is world reknown. Theyhave horses and buggies for transportation. Many places in the area offer places for the horses to rest and be out of the sun in the summer! It's really quite amazing!


    I've seen the Amish around Lewiston , Mich . .........and in Wis.

    The Amish people also have beards.  Do you also have the same curiosity?

    ed shank

    The ones I've seen have beards that appear to be groomed.

    Some ortodox Jews too...

    It's more a Hollywood than Iranian fad.


    Val, that's what I said in my answer. G M T A

    I thought it was both. I always heard they are suppose to keep their head covered while outdoors. I don't know about indoors. The beards? They haven't evolved?

    They don't look like the Amish.The Amish look clean and pleasant.

    Iranians look like the hairy unwashed! They look scary.

    Maybe it like the story of Samson, He was never to cut his hair which was the secret of his power.could be the reason  why the Iranian don't want to cut their hair, and loose all their power.Or a religious custom.


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