Is there a program that you can use if you want to run your favorite programs from windows 98, if you noe have Windows 7 now?

    I have a new Windows 7 computer and it will not let me run the older programs that I like. Why is this? What are my options? 

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    I am not sure of the capabilities of Windows 7, but I know some of the older programs would allow you to run older programs by clicking on what it was wrote under from a menu.

    I have Windows 7 myself, and I'm not all that impressed with iit. It seems like they left out options the older programs gave you, and I wasn't exactly impressed with their stunt of loading the computer with starter programs, so that you have purchase the full version to actually do anything.

    Try checking with Microsoft, maybe they'll give you an answer without trying to sell you half of it first.

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