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    FACTS ABOUT HORNETS....What you need to know about Hornets?

    Hornets are widely known as "social insects" that belong to the genus Vespa family of wasps. They are considered as omnivorous bugs. The queen hornet can only live several months through the winter. That is their average lifespan. It measures up to 1.25 inches or 3.2 centimeters, a size relative to a paper clip. The name of their group is called grist or hive.

    They are closely related to yellow jackets and often have resemblance. Most of the hornets' territories are found in tropical Asia. However, they can also be found in Africa, North America and Europe, where the European hornet was established by human beings.

    How do Hornets build their hives?

    Hornets fabricate hives simply by masticating woods into a translucent construction mash. They made it like a fleshy tissue because it is where they mature eggs and form them into fully developed hornets. The only hornet females capable to reproduce are the queens, hence, they control the hornet hives. Most of the hornets are androgynous female workers. They are only capable of performing indispensable community tasks such as: gathering of foods, constructing the hive, feeding the young and securing the colony. Workers protect their hive with powerful stingers.

    There are only few male hornets and they only have one major responsibility, that is mating with the queen hornets. Male hornets are technically, called the drones. After the mating process, male hornets eventually die soon.

    Hornets in Colder Climates

    Hornets abandoned their nest during the cold winter. The new and young queens seek refuge in some protected areas like underneath the tree barks and some even relocate inside human dwellings in order to survive. They usually bring with them their eggs when relocating. The queen, herself begins a new nest during the spring. As soon as the young becomes capable of doing some tasks, they took over the responsibilities of the new hive. They leave the queen in the hive to reproduce. And then again, the queen will expand the hive by reproducing more workers. Before she dies, she already succumbs a new breeding generation of hornet queens and drones. These new breeds will restart the succession of the hornets' life.

    Hornets usually feed on tree juices, yet they are also known as consummate predators. In fact, a hornet hive can purge other insects like bees and flies.

    When do Hornets sting?

    These insects usually do not sting humans unless they are aggravated. This happens when they build their nest near humans and then they feel that their hive is threatened, therefore they will have to defend it. This is the time when they become more aggressive. Hornets become worst when they found out that their nests are shattered or poisoned. This is the main reason why some areas in Germany established safety to care for the role of hornets in their environment.

    Hornet's Danger

    Despite the fact that they are gentle and less aggressive compared to yellow jackets, a single sting can also bring hazard to human victims. A hornet's sting can carry some serious reactions to those people who are allergic to its venom. Therefore, it is necessary to apply immediate and appropriate treatment.


    Nice answer.

    Research Daisy.

    one fact is they can sting you

    they can sting more than once!

    What do ya want to know

    Experience: They hurt like hell when they sting!

    one fact is they can sting you



    If you are allergic you really try not to tick them off! If I would be  stung by one one near face or neck , I would have very few moments to inject epipen! I swell hugely with a sting such as this! It's scary!!

    Fast-forward to 8:23. Scary stuff!

    They can sting you many many times will chase you and hunt you down and it hurts like hell.....

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