what are some everyday norms for the average american adult

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    Shower, shampoo hair, brush teeth, eat, sleep, work, read, talk, exercise, cook, clean.


    You have left out one important element, no prize for guessing which!

    Intentional. :)


    If you are lucky enough to have regular employment, it would be get up go to work, go home eat supper, and then spend a few hours with your family.

    If not it's going out looking for work, accepting odd jobs just to keep afloat, or doing a long list of things on the honey do list.

    Check beer inventory. Check length of facial hair to see if a shave is due. Leave another message on neighbors answering machine to return tools borrowed in July. Try to pin point exactly where the year long barking dog lives. Hide when a red pickup pulls in the driveway, another neighbor, with Tourette syndrome.


    That's funny!
    I have a neighbor I'll trade you! He has fights with his on/off again lovers, in the street. all hours. It's funny because they slap and pull hair.

    This is very difficult, we have people from all over the world here. You can fit the entire UK in the state of New York. Each state is different. If your on the east coat, it's import/export, Gov, fishing,and many other type life styles. In Kentucky, and Tennessee, you have country music, coal mines, horse races,farming and other things.Out west, Hollywood, Disneyland, and the Kings ranch. There are a million things I didn't list, point is we are very different. People from the South are as different as night and day to the North. The east is a different world from the west.

    I live in the south, most people here have lost their jobs. Few places are hiring full time, to keep from paying benefits. The only jobs available are in the medical field. Teachers are losing their jobs, the lost is hitting the entire country, some areas more than others.

    There are 4,000 people in one city in California standing in soup lines, this is happening everywhere. There is no health care, so you see or hear about the suffering daily.

    I work in home health so I see the needs more than most. I know who is eating and who has heat for the winter. Most times there is nothing I can do involving my job. I do however call churches and try to get a little help for the worse ones.

    I come home to my son, and cook dinner. I get on the computer to aka, and work on my book. I research the area to see what events are going on. There isn't anywhere here to go, we have no pubs, or museums. You have to travel a few hours to shop at a mall. It's a difficult place to live.

    There isn't any public transportation. We do live close to the beach and visit often. It's not a public beach so there isn't anything there except sand and salt water, a pier to fish off of.

    There is more action in the cities. I live in a community, it's smaller than a town. There are few choices here, unless you can travel.

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