Shoulder pain a loud pop

    I was lifting somethingover my head and heard a loud pop in my arm just below the shoulder and my hand went numb.

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    You may have a trapped nerve or pulled a muscle,A&E is accident and emergency in the UK where I live, probably ER if you live in the USA.

    Thank You for the input.

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    Sounds like you,ve dislocated it, time for A&E.


    The feeling came back and I can still lift things very carful. I also had the same pop just under my right glute. What is A&E. Thank You.

    Accident and emergency

    Be VERY careful about lifting.  It can pop out again, if you, in fact, dislocated it.  See a doctor.

    If I move that arm to quickly or do not take a deep breath before moving it does pop again and hurts like hell. I train daily and work in construction so I must be carful and have doctors appt. on Monday.

    Thank You both ROMOS & Ducka


    Go to a chiropractor. He is going to help you more than a doctor will. The doctor is only going to put you on an anti inflammatory but that will not fix the problem.

    I think you need to rest it for a while, might not be economically perfect but think of it long term, GOOD LUCK, and GOOD FORTUNE,

    Sorry, but I don't understand how a chiropractor is going to help ?


    Ultra sound treatments and they are often very helpful.

    bart- put ice on your shoulder/ glut and take ibuprofen (if you aren't allergic to it and can take NSAIDS) to decrease inflammation.  If you find you can not lift your arm or when you do it hurts ALOT you may have torn a tendon.  Please rest this weekend!


    Just wanted to thank all of you for the input and advise. MRI showed torn rotator cuff and tendon. Again Thank You all. Les

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