When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

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    I wanted to be a teacher, would hold classes with the neighborhood kids...........

    First A Doctor then a VET


    make up your "Mind Mel HEE Me I wanted to be "Human So did my MUM! Her little "Gollywog" tight curly hair .its now slack curly and White.

    A contributor to


    does this mean you had a vision?

    A different kind of vision:

    I wanted to be a singer.

    An archaeologist.


    An Adult..


    Did you make it? haha

    wasn't sure if I was ever going to make one

    I'm still working on it so far so

    A sailor in the R. A . N. but destiny took a different path.

    I was 3 years old when I first experienced my mother having a grand mal seisure. It was the first of many that I was to witness and no doubt that was the seed that triggered my wish to be a doctor. 


    there not nice to see I grew up watching my Brother who had them xx

    An Army man.


    Bin there myself. I actually liked it.

    been there too, not sure who hated it more, me or them,I think they thought I was sent by the enemy!

    ""   I wanted to be a military fighter pilot !!!!


    I dated a SR71 pilot he was very cool.(yes i am bragging, wouldn't you?) Understand where you're coming from.

    I used to be married to one, a truly different breed

    Thanks ladies, I love the military, I got some military and government ties.

    A mail-lady and a park ranger. I like to be outside.

    an archaeologist, a writer, a scientist, an actor, a teacher, a doctor, a pilot, a librarian, just about everything! I wanted it all.

    More than anything a Ballerina!


    You did not want much! I bet you could have been all .If you put your mind to it "Oh to dream Daisy your like "ME" All the best .

    Thank You! If your going to dream, go all the way! Dream Big!
    Very cool Dowsa!

    Civil construction project manager.  And I did it .  


    That's SO wonderful, I'm SO happy for you !!!!!

    Lawyer or Nurse

    A ballett dancer and an Opra singer.


    Ann, to me an interesting answer and even more interesting if I knew how young you was.

    Awesome! Another Ballerina!

    When I was young, I dreamed of one day being whisked away in a UFO and brought to a new planet with lots of strange beings!!    And it came true!!  Here I am!!  :)

    For some inexplicable reason I wanted to work in a chemist shop....not be a chemist, I think there was a nice lady in our local chemist when I was young. I couldn't be a ballet dancer after I accidentally knocked another little girl in dance class out with the plaster on my broken arm

    I'll be curious to compare these answers to the ones I got for my Q: "Do you remember, when you were a pre-teenager, what you wanted to be when you grow up?What did you want to be and what did you become? Answers: 26 Views: 314 Rating: 4 Posted: 2011-12-21 17:44:00"

    I wanted to marry a millionaire, Im still waiting, lol.


    Still trying to "Hit the Lottery Dollybird .Must be close thats twenty years now I will hear me calling across the Irish "Sea."Oh is it all right if my "Wife comes along"

    A lawyer but for the real people not just to be getting people off scot free one that would help regular people.


    You mean you would "Help this "SCOT" .Still looking for my mother-in-law"s "Will.

    You bet your sweet bippy.

    dowsa, if you still live in Scotland, might be able to help you find that will, dont live that far from Scotland lol.

    SMART. Apparently we've all suffered disappointments. 

    I wanted to be a "Cowboy like my "Hero " ROY ROGERS. When I was seventeen "Hey" wanted to be a Rock Singer Twenty two Wanted to be a Country Singer .But got "Married instead Still Married and Singing Country Ballads at party"s Life is just a "BOWL of CHERRY'S".

    Rule the world….someone’s gotta do it. Apparently, I was unaware of anyones potential objection or that the spot had already been taken….by everyone else.

    ed shank

    Your ruler of the "universe" material.

    You’re talking to a ditch digger now.

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