how can the truth ever be reveiled when the fogs of ignorance perpetually cloud our judgments and does it matter in the least?

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    the truth would eventually revealed. There are always narrow-minded and ignorant ppl around, no matter where we go. Most of us even though we know the truth, we're still in denial this however clouding our judemental insights; we've been at this for sometime so long that it becomes us, ie, refusing to accept the truth even if the truth sets us free indeed.

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    I'm assuming you mean the truths of life and God.

    The truth is and has been revealed for centuries. God has never hidden it, Well before religions came into being the truth has been out there.  Religions (power seeking men) have clouded the truth. It does not matter however. Soul eventually grows and moves beyond the chains of religious dogma and then sees the truth that has been there right along.

    Could you be a little more specific? I liked the metaphor, but it lacks a specific subject for anyone to respond to. Your statement arouses a river of thought, flowing to no where but downstream, as I stand at its bank wondering upon the shore of confusion.

    It matter too the people that want to know the truth about good and evil, for Jesus said there is a way that seem right in a men eye, only lead to self destruction, for I am the way too truth, and life.In the world there is confusion, of men made religions and evil practice. When you accept Jesus in your hearth, the thing of this world wont matter as much,for all thing will perish or rot and decay with time.So then what have you got to loose by accepting Jesus as your only savior.He did promise eternal life,after you leave this corrupt world of ours.

    Truth is all there is, beliefs and denials turns the wise into fools.

    Nothing matters!

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