who is guru of rahim khankhana

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    Guru Arjan Dev was a contemporary of King Akbar (who became king in 1556). Within seven months of Akbar's death, the Guru was tortured to death. The Guru's martyrdom has a positive link with Akbar and his times and can be understood only if we aquaint ourselves briefly with Akbar's (and his son Jahangir's) religious policies.Akbar was very tolerant and encouraged free expression and convivial and social intermixing. He did not object to Muslims associating with Guru Arjan Dev. It is on record that Nawab Hasan Khan, a muslim devotee of the Guru worked hard day and night to build a well for the Guru in Dabbi Bazaar Lahore. Mian Mir (a Muslim scholar-saint of Qadrya group) took the Guru's* composition Sukhmani to Ajmer where the High Priest so liked it that he sent a turban and some money for the Guru. Akbar's son Salim (who later ascended the throne as Jahangir and ordered the Guru's execution) liked the Guru so much that he offered 8864 Ghumaon 7 Kanal and 15 Marla land to the Guru* Akbar himself held the Guru in high esteem and visited him on 24th November 1598. About this meeting Abul Fazal writes in Akbar Nama.**
    * See Mahan Kosh page 962
    ** Akbar Nama page 514

    ''On 13 Azar His Majesty travelled towards Goindwal on elephant back. Crossing the river Beas he camped with his armies in Guru Arjan's place, Guru Arjan Dev is a well-known Hindu preacher and His Majesty was extremely glad to have met the Guru''.

    ''During this meeting'' Says A.C. Bannerjee ''Akbar kept singing the Guru's hymns and sought the Guru's advice on many political problem.''

    Macauliff writes that the king nearly accepted the Guru's religion On this occasion. According to him-*
    * The Sikh religion Volume 3 page 83

    ''He (Akbar) called himself the Guru's slave and asked for instructions to render him happy and secure a place for his soul.'' Various histories of the period record that Akbar sought the Guru's help in controlling the communal riots in Batala where the conversion of a Hindu temple into a mosque had resulted in bloodshed, arson, loot and plunder. It was at the Guru's suggestion that the king agreed to reduce the taxes on Punjab farmers by 12 %* The king also heard the case of the Guru's brother Prithi Chand who had laid claim to Guruship and rejected it.** Wazir Khan, a noble in the court of Akbar, offered help for the Guru's kitchen and the king persuaded the Ranghars of village Khahre to sell all their land to the Guru for Rs 57000 to enable the Guru build the temple of Tarn Taran on a grand scale.
    * See Khulasat-ul-Tawarikh page 452
    ** See Tahkikat-e-Chisti age 441-442

    Thus Akbar was trying to create a society in which no one suffered because of his/her religious beliefs or social status. He also founded a new religion based on toleration and mutual respect. He called it Din e-Illahi. His usual prayer was* ''The Lord God helped me attain political ascendancy, intellectual clarity, power and above all the gift of dispensing justice. He has wiped my mind clean of all ideas of intolerance and injustice. I am a sacrifice unto God, the omnipotent, the omscient and the omnipresent.''
    * Muntkhib-ul-Tawarikh by Abdul Qadir Badaooni page 268

    Akbar popularized inter-religious marriages through personal example.* He also allowed freedom of worship and since one of his queens was a parsi, he allowed sacrificial fire to be kept burning in his own home. Once when the fire went out Akbar became mad in angering ordered the responsible officer to be thrown down from the roof (Akbar had never in his life ordered a man to be killed).
    * Akbar's son Jahangir was the son of a Hindu woman (sister of Raja Bhagwan Dass)

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