what is an example of Indirect and direct objects?

    i'm having trouble with my homework, and i need to find out what an "indirect object" and a "direct object" are to complete my sentences for my sentence strucutre worksheet. Please help?

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    A noun or pronoun that indicates to whom or for whom the action of a verb in a sentence is performed.

    With verbs that can be followed by two objects, the indirect object typically comes immediately after the verb and before the direct object The e<font color="#0000ff">asiest way for me to explain a direct object receives the action of the verb  [I sold the cake]; indirect object receives the direct object  [I sold my mother the cake]...</font>

    <font color="#0000ff">Get's a little tricky with "commnication verbs":  "She told us a story".  The story is the direct object; we 'sorta' received the story, so 'us' is the indirect object.</font>

    <font color="#0000ff">Try finding some sentences in which both have been labeled, and see if the above helps at all.</font>








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