bible hebrew 10:24-25 means

    hebrew10:24-25 what is this chapter verses means

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    Hebrews 24:  AND LET US CONSIDER ONE ANOTHER TO PROVOKE UNTO LOVE AND GOOD WORKS:     Christians are the children of God and must consider the other children in the family of God. Christians are to provoke one another to love and to do good works.  To many times Christians provoke one another to anger. The proper provoking is to encourage fellow Christians To love and to do good works. One must be unselfish and help others along the road of life.

    Hebrews 25: NOT FORSAKING OUR OWN ASSEMBLING TOGETHER, AS THE CUSTOM OF SOME IS  BUT EXHORTING ONE ANOTHER, AS SO MUCH AND MORE, AS YE SEE THE NAME DRAWING NIGH.    A vital part of Christianity is meeting together with fellow Christians  to worship God together and to study God word. Faithful worship is essential to grow spiritually and remain faithful.  There is strengh and encouragement that comes from worshipping  God with fellow Christians , which comes in no other way. Some Christians forsake the assembly.  A continuous forsaking of the assembly  tempts one to backslide  and perhaps turn away from God and Christ altogether. This teaching is expressed negatively in this verse.  The positive way to state it would be, "Whatever you do, be sure to attend the assembly of the saints".




    "continuous forsaking of the assembly tempts one to backslide"

    Or slide forward allowing the mind to open and take in even more of God's messages outside of a book? ;)
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