How do I convert an IMS file to HTML

    Designed the webpage with webdwarf which is a free web designer page software. The webdwarf takes you to You go through the registry process because your webdwarf shows you a beaut page that you have created. When it comes to setting up your website, the asks you to upload an index.html file. Then you go to the web and search for the tool that would make the conversion and there is none that is free and the ones that take the link search have every other conversion except the ims file conversion. The people offer a site spinner which costs an additional 30USD. Yahoo gives you a real cheap website, but then only allows its own webpage design material,but not your own. I think I have been cheated.? And I would NOT recommend the WEBDWARF TO BE USED BY ANYONE. Thank you.

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    There are deficiencies in using the webdwarf. For one, it only links to and secondly, it only allows one page and you cannot divide the pages into many such as an introduction, or a second page. This is what I got from virtual mechanics who use webdwarf as a lure. Take it for what it is worth :).. and you can see what webdwarf does for beginner webdesigners costs USD49, and is now reduced to USD39, but still expensive and has plenty of bugs as can be seen from their forum pages.

    Hi Andrea,

    I don't know which article you are looking at, but if it is for SiteSpinner, it refers to some features that are lacking in WebDwarf. A major limitation of WebDwarf is that there is only one page per project, so that functions like Append Project, available in SiteSpinner, are not available in WebDwarf.

    The best source of information about WebDwarf that is specific to WebDwarf is on the WebDwarf main menu Help > Load Tutorials. Also, you can ask questions on our forums (link below) ~ joining is free.

    To answer your other questions:
    The "include" function is not relevant to WebDwarf, as you can't have multi-page projects
    To upload files to a webhost, you need to Publish your page (Publish tutorial)
    To add an email link use a mailto link (Link tutorial)

    Virtual Mechanics

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    Check out our User Forums, they're a great place to find help:


    Happy to advise that there are converters which are not free starting at USD 30, and the Dwarf does what it promises. It is the easiest web designer software for a total green  horn like myself, and I feel downright stupid to admit it, had to call the personnel on their 24 hour hotline and got a blow by blow description of what I should do from beginning to end. Once you have paid them and you are all up and running, you use the information that they advise and I do recommend a call to them because there are somethings which are totally bamboozling to a non-computer person when uploading files and the feedback which you would want to enter which is not in keeping with what is expected. Thank you all. By the way, I will answer all the questions not relating to computers :). God Bless!. I happen to rank 4th on Yahoo answers from pets to sex. The mechanics of this I will leave you to figure out. This is the website that was created

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