The US debt is $14.3 trillion

    At $1.00 per second, how long would it take to pay off that amount? 

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    1.If we pay it off at $1.00 per second 24x7 we will still owe after 30000 years.

    2.  $14.3 trillion in debt. ... by donating $1 every second, it would take you twice as long as the human species has existed!

    3. 4,300,000,000,000 divided by 200,000,000 estimated people working (most likely less) = 715,000 each. If we pay over 10 years, it would be 71,500 a year each

    4.If you stack up 14.3 trillion dollar bills, the pile would stretch to the moon and back twice.

    Headless Man

    Plus interest.......

    hmm to the moon and back twice? with gravity, I am assuming!

    The IRS sent my Tax forms back! AGAIN!!! I guess it was because of my response to the question : "List all dependents?" I replied -"12 million illegal immigrants;"3 million crack heads;"42 million unemployable people on food stamps,"2 million people in over 243 prisons; "Half of Mexico ; and "535 fools in the U.S. House and Senate.�

    Apparently, this was NOT an acceptable answer.


    I don't know but it sounds like you should get a refund. 7 trillion or so.
    ed shank

    Great, I love it.

    Can,t see the problem daren, send it back again.

    I like that, same over here though,oh by the way we have a terroist who has just been released from jail, you can have him as well if you like.

    @sunnyB. Be better sending him to Jordan, they want him more than we or the US does,he,d also get what,s coming to him.

    I saw the free the terrorist news. Did they do that because some knothead thinks he has been rehabilitated, or do you think its international politically motivated.

    That's Awesome! still laughing!

    I know the U, in trouble as the Australian Dollar gets stronger each day against the U.S. dollar. currently 1 AUD = 1.07US.

    I dont want to know. It would only cause more anxiety.


    My son told me to ask this one. It IS a long time.


    Chain, I alreagy know we are in deep trouble. But it upsets me to think that my children grandchildren and offspring would still be paying for the stupidity and total disregard for our peoples welfare, while our president just keeps spending more of our money.He has no clue how to govern our country.

    14.3 trillion seconds.  Sorry Bob, couldn't resist.

    How would you like to have Obama for an accountant.


    Horrible. Simply horrible! Not for a neighbor, accountant, president, bean counter, soccer coach, etc.
    NOW, about that 14.3 trillion seconds, can you translate that into something that is easier to comprehend? :D (You are really sharp)

    My dad was complaining when we were in debt billions............. Oh to be back there.

    All I can say is: We have to help us.....

    BIG TIME.....

    $1.00 @ 1 second

    170,138,889          days
           466,134          years

    Plus credit card interest, which there is.

    It sounds like fiction, which has caused lotsa friction, I hope will make  voters itchin to quit

    bitchin, and do the fixin thing.   Clean out the DC closet

    And this has happened since Clinton left office.

    not during our life times

    43% of the federal budget goes to the military. Most countries spend 6-8%. We have no health care.

    The USA has lost sight of sight of it's priorities.

    It will not let the news cover the 4,000 people in soup lines in a city in Cali. but will cover $200 shoes for sell and the mad rush to buy them. Something is seriously wrong.

    Bush was a mistake, Obama was a nightmare!

    There is no end in sight of this madness. Only an idiot would get us in this kind of debt.

    Most of this started with Reagan, instead of repairing his damage they added to it. The gov was warned this would happen, they didn't listen. You think they are listening now?

    I have a feeling that over a certain amount  money is ficticious and so is  the debt of the countries in debt to The World bank. Who do they owe all this money to ? The World bank. It seems that every country is in debt to this bank . Who owns the World bank and where is it? If it's a World bank then every country must be a member of it and as every country  seems to be in debt to this World bank  then the bank itself must be bankrupt and everything is carrying on as normal, debt to the World bank is definately made up, to keep us the people in our place. Moody's a firm has downgraded America 's and France's A .A.A. credit rating and now it's down grading Britain 's. It's a public company, these are countries.It's a complete load of Bollocks .It's a load of Greedy, Coverting, Avaricious busy bodies sitting around a large table somwhere , who don't contribute anything really only misery to the normal working population of the Worlds Countries keeping theirselves employed thieving anything which isn't nailed down . The people in charge set the cost of living and until they learn to be less greedy then we are all going to suffer at their hands . When the labour party was in power here in Britain they were slated by the Press and they could not do anything right especially Mr Brown now we have got the Conservative party in charge and now we have rioting in the streets . They are obviously better than Labour . Oh and now were are all going to have to work to 74 brilliant job i must say . They are just Two hats all of them . 


    go to for onfo.

    The whole thing is a conspiracy, as far as I'm concerned....and it's working. When the US borrows money, ONLY the amount of money "we" want to borrow is printed. There is no additional money for us to pay back the interest. It's a brilliant scheme. When we fail to repay the loan and interest (which would mean taking all the money away from everybody to return it), what do you think will be taken as "collateral"?

    they would take your soul if they could

    collateral @ Bob...Mitt Romney's dog? Nope. He already messed the dog up by driving to Canada with it on the roof of his car. Newt G.? Nope-he'd rob them blind. The Senate and House of Reps. Nope- way too much of a headache! Wait, I've got it...they could take all of the 'ad' $ from the superbowl ads. LOL.



    lend me a fiver and i`ll send you a cheque when i get straight.


    gosh, if we won't be alive to watch the debt go away, lets just keep spending! (sarcasm)


    We as individuals could never be as irresponsible as our government and get away with it.

    I believe we should be able to allocate our taxes to government funded agencies. The National Zoo, National Parks, and Environmental clean-up is where I would allocate my portion.

    Now, now. The government will tell you what to do with your money, doolittle. Let's not be thinking for ourselves! :o

    you`ll be wonting a say in the running of your country next,what ever next!!

    Funny but i still like to think that the govt. peeps are public servents working for us...LOL

    we have the exact situation here in the u.k.if i run my buisiness like the government i would be long gone!! i think i heard that ever man,woman and child is in debt to the tune of £14.000 each.did they ask me if they could borrow trillions on my behalf?i must have missed there call!!!!


    You and I both!

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