If you get a cashier check sent Fedex and you don't know the person that sent it from another far away state should you put it in your savings account

    Could they get my savings acct  # and somehow take money from my bank acct. The check is for more than 3500.00 dollars?

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    If the check is made out to you by name put it in now, I would.

    I would bank it.But don't spend it just yet.When they realize the mistake they will want their money back.


    Just a wee bit maybe????Pleeeeeze!

    I would research the bank and the account first. Did you get a letter stating what the check was for?! There are scams out there where they send you a check to pay the taxes on a bigger amount, and try to get you to send your own money afterwards. Then you come to find out the check was no good!



    You may want to focus on that fine line etched between opportunity / theft



    Shootah made a good point.If it is a "dud" check (Cheque) you will pay a dishonour fee when it bounces.Do some research First.

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