If your politics are liberal and you are dissatified with the president what are your intentions?

    I am a social liberal (moderate) and a fiscal conservative (also moderate). I cannot vote for any of the conservatives because they are , in my opinion, simply absurd when it comes to social issues. I will not reverse my whole concept of what is right on social issues because I have serious concerns about  Obama's handling of fiscal problems. I am pro choice, support gay rights, believe government does have a role in society, non-religious, and I believe in sensible gun control. Fiscal issues are but one part of the program. Do you abandon your stands on social issues or not vote at all which is essentially voting for the opposition?

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    Vote republican simple as that..


    daren1, I assume your social leanings are conservative? Do you think that you could sacrifice you social opinions if you were unhappy with what ever candidate was runnig for re-election because of his performance on the economy?

    You say your not happy with his current fiscal policies which will literally destroy this country but yet you still will vote for him, does not compute.


    I can't vote conservative with the current selection because I disagree with them. Also, one of the problems with the economy is that the conservatives played a large part in getting us in this situation. Also, there is no doubt that they have been obstructionist in any fiscal debate. They haven't even tried to compromise, so why would I think that they have any sort of serious solution.

    I know what I am going to do, but I prefer not to talk politics, as I really don't feel like having someone try to force their views upon me. But also, all the negative campaigning has really made me dread the elections.

    ed shank

    Obama won't have to spend a dime on re-election. The GOP will continue to piss on each others shoes to the point we will simply turn off the media and hand it to the Marxist.

    Well, I can definately understand that because it has been a really negative campaign, so far. But, that having been said, as far as as I can see, politics is mostly whtat the  people on this site talk about. And I don't think that because someone debates politics that they are trying to force their views on you, but trying to persuade you of their reasoning. Maybe, our election cycle is too long.

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