how can i find out if my refund was accepted by the irs and when is it coming?

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    Contact the IRS

    Toll Free, 1800-829-1040 Mon-Fri 7.00AM -7.00PM

    That is one of the advantages of e-filing. When you "snail mail" your return, you have to wait longer, and you don't know if it was accepted until you get your refund.


    So the longer you wait, the better you think, Shootah?


    Go and ask them, for goodness sake.! should do it. Let me know if it does'nt.Have a Great Day!!!!!!!


    I can't get off the floor, lolouder, whoops, hang on, back on the chair.

    You are rude.

    well first of all its kinda hard to tell when ur getting anything from the I.R.S,, but due to the tremendously high numbers of fraudulent taxes there is a slowdown period with receiving your return. i understand that it is NOT OUR FAULTS with the illegaliness MESS thats going on with the money but its sad when ppl like us (THE HARD WORKING TAX PAYERS) have to wait and got BILL$$ to pay!!! I hope that this Info somewhat Helps U understand at aleast a little..,,, U can also call 1~800~829~1040 and speak to a tax representative/CUSTMER SERVCE about maybe the possible release dates. Release dates are the next dates that they will be releasing the checks. Have a great DAY!!!!!!!

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